Why to start a blog.

17 Apr


I meant to start a blog for a long time. Why? For two main reasons..

Firstly, I believe that if you get a good idea, you should share it with others! Some people just take things for granted, do not question them and accept the world as it is being served to them. But that is a minority I believe. Most people reflect on things and do get good ideas, but the problem is that they often keep them for themselves. Either because they are not sure whether their idea is good enough to be shared or because they do not have enough time. I think those are excuses, people are just lazy…

Now think about this. You either get an idea about something you like or about something you dislike. In the first case, you should share it because it would be selfish not to do so. In the latter case, not sharing your idea would mean that you accept things you do not like and that you make no effort to change them. And that is wrong, if there is something you dislike, change it. Sharing your opinion is the first step.

Secondly, and this is a selfish reason, I want get better in formulating my ideas and in sharing them in a simple way. This is a great skill that not many people possess. Lot of people can talk for ever without actually saying anything. Good communicators can say a lot by saying only little.

That is all for now, I am looking forward to sharing my ideas with you in the future!

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