‘I stand for making things, people and their experiences better than they would be without my involvement.’

Daniel Vaverka

Daniel was born and raised in the Czech Republic and educated in Britain where he did BSc Management at the University of Warwick and MSc Decision Sciences at the London School of Economics. He will be starting as a Project Specialist at Home Credit India in Gurgaon in October 2013.

Daniel was an active member of AIESEC UK, a youth leadership development organization, for four years and was elected by peers to serve one year as a full time National President of the organization for 2010/2011. Before starting his degree at LSE, Daniel also spent one year travelling around the world, working for social enterprises in India, Colombia, China and Russia.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys travelling (visited 42 countries already), mountaineering (trekked to Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Indrahar Pass in the Himalayas or Ciudad Perdida in Colombia), skiing and mountain biking. He is also a regular blogger at

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